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Private dinners, studio and corporate meals, large and small events, on-location bagged lunches… we’ll be there!

Brunch update

Book a private dining experience in our kitchen, now available for Saturday AND Sunday.


Our Story

Lauren and Dan, the mother and son team behind Jack and Lil’s, have a history rooted in gracious hospitality and a shared love of food and cocktails.  (If Dan hasn’t made her a cocktail come dinner time, all things come to a halt!)

Jack & Lil

Dan began cooking professionally while still in high school, working in some of the top restaurants in Toronto and abroad.  He fell in love with fine-dining’s pursuit of perfection and the emphasis on the guest experience above all else.

Lauren’s love of South African vibrancy and her background in fashion design, bring a unique creative style to Dan’s formal training.  Dan never thought the clashing styles could unite but alas he had no choice - Who can say no to their mum?! - and the result is something truly unique.

Named after Lauren’s parents, Jack and Lil's was created to take you on an expansive culinary journey, reminiscent of their South African heritage bringing you thoughtful food inspired by their travels, their roots and their healthy approach to life.

Dine with us. Life is Delicious.


Deeply rooted in South African culture, our food is vibrant, flavourful, and addictive. With many South African dishes, you’ll get a taste of where we started, and we know you’ll be back for more.

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“We don’t have a particular style. It’s very seasonal, of course, but has a lot to do with how we’re feeling, what ingredients are available and the weather. It’s all about freshness, using lots of herbs and maximizing flavour. We lean towards simplicity, and rustic uncomplicated garnish.”

– Lauren



“Honesty and authenticity is something we strive for and feel it’s something that really resonates with people. We are an African inspired kitchen serving hearty salads, soups, boboties & curries as well as desserts, sweets, power bars… should I keep going?!”


 Meet the team

We are small, but mighty! Just like our food, this team combines local, and worldly culture to our kitchen. It really shows when we need to get creative with tradition.

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