Studio/Corporate Catering

We get it!!  You want to impress your clients and staff. Let us explain how we can help :)

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What you need is fun, delicious, healthy food that is beautiful and approachable. We’re pleased to inform you this is exactly what we do.

What makes us stand out (and a little more challenging to work with) is our lack of a structured or set menu system. We are at the markets many times a week to inspire real creativity for the food we cook. Anything from grilled vegetables, to braised curries, super salads, and more. Our food naturally tends to be low or lacking in gluten and dairy with an emphasis on vegetables. We have many loyal vegan and vegetarian clients, so making these accommodations is no challenge for us. Oh, and shooting on location? We do Buddha Bowls and bagged lunches!  

To us, food presentation (even on set or at the office) is important. Unless otherwise requested, your family style meal is provided in our eclectic dishware collection that we have sourced from South Africa (where we’re from), and markets (or garage sales) around the world.